Production of aluminum bronzes and bushings



On request, we produce bronze tubes with pawl, always using continuous casting technological process.
Moreover, we produce bulky bars having square, rectangular and hexagonal cross section, using continuous casting method for many bronze alloys according to UNI Tables in standard measures.

bronzi alluminio


Our company commercializes bars and tubes made of aluminium bronze in CuAL10Fe5Ni5 UNI EN 1982 (CC333G) alloy, with standard measures or particular ones, studied based on Customer’s requirements and in agreement with our qualified experts.

boccole in ferro bronzo


Our company commercializes:
Self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings, suitable for high velocities and reduced loads. There is the possibility of a dry lubrication (graphite or molybdenum disulphide). Good friction coefficient, silent way of working and restricted tolerances.
Self-lubricating sintered iron bearings, suitable for elevated loads. Good friction coefficient, silent way of working and restricted tolerances.
Bushings have standard dimensions in the catalogue, or, on request and based on the quality, customized measures according to Customer’s requirements and stated with our qualified experts.

TUZZI RENATO & C. s.r.l.
Bronzi speciali in barre e tubi
Produzione  colata continua

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