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TUZZI RENATO srl, accredited by over 60 years of experience in the field of non-ferrous metals metallurgy, is a meticulous interpreter of specific needs, of which it offers, with its own apparatus of studies and research, the concrete solution with a synthetic product.

Cu Sn alloys (Sn da 8% a 20%)

Binary alloys are particularly employed in application fields in which resistance to wear and corrosion is a mandatory requirement. Generally, they are used in the manufacturing of supports and bushings for axles made of work-hardened or chrome-plated steel, gears paired with steel worm gears, for hydraulic and mechanical applications.
With higher tenor of tin (Sn from 14% to 20%), these alloys are used for particular components subjected to elevated friction and wear: clutch bearings sectors, piston rings for pumps – sliding blocks and plates, bushings and bearings subjected to high loads.

Cu Sn Zn Pb alloys (with low lead content)

Alloys listed here are characterized each one by their peculiarities and specific applications, which can be easily identified through the knowledge of mechanical properties: they’re widely used  for the production of parts with high compressive strength and for the production of parts subjected to high strains and corrosion.

In particular:

CuSn7Zn2Pb3 UNI EN 1982 is used for the manufacturing of highly strained bronze plain bearings and rolling-element bearings, of elements in some electronic devices, of injectors and elements in pumps.

Cu Sn11 Pb2 UNI EN 1982 is used for the manufacturing of highly strained bronze plain bearings and gear wheels working at high velocities, of helical gears, of rolling-element bearings subjected to elevated loads.

Cu Sn Zn / Cu Sn Zn Ni Alloys

Due to their excellent mechanical properties at elevated operating temperatures of 300 °C, as well as at cryogenic operating temperatures (-200 °C), these alloys are widely used for the manufacturing of highly solicitated rolling-element bearings’ cages, as well as for the coating of naval motor axles and rolling mill installations.
The resistance to friction and yield traction load are enlarged with the addiction of Nickel. This kind of alloy is mostly used for big machines’ gears, for supports to electrical insulators, for big bolts in rolling mills, for piston rings of steam engines, for bearing cages, for oil&gas flanges.

Cu Sn Zn Pb Alloys (with high lead content)

These alloys may be used for general purposes. Among them, the CuSn5Zn5Pb5 is the most used: it is the most suitable whenever high mechanical and corrosion resistances are needed, as well as compactness and ease manufacturing. Typical applications are: plain bearings, bushings, supports, injectors, parts of machineries in general.

These alloys are suitable for rolling-element bearings only if loads are moderate, and are suitable for axles only if they are not hardened or hardened only superficially.

Cu Pb Sn Alloys (lead bronzes)

Anti-clutch, corrosion resistance and good manufacturing are the typical properties of these alloys, so they are used for the production of rolling-element bearings when lubrication is low or absent, or when an auto-lubricant part is needed paired to a good capability of conforming to contact surfaces. Loads standing capabilities are directly proportional to the tenor of tin into the alloy. Typical applications are anti-clutch rolling-element bearings without coating, standing medium loads and velocities, in contact with not hardened surfaces, with no or low lubrication, into rolling mills working both at high or low temperatures. Other applications are: machine tools, agricultural machines, gas and diesel engines, electrical equipments, rolling stock. Application fields related to corrosion resistance include chemical, mineral, oil&gas and paper industries.

Cu Ni Alloys

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